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Responsive Website Design

Having your business online in today's society is key to the continued success of your business. It enables you to connect to a wider customer base and expand.

At Design by Thairs our experienced, friendly web design professionals will work with you to ensure your business and brand is getting the online presence needed.

Our first step is to have a free consultation with you to understand more about your business and how a website will benefit you. Our team will discuss design ideas and functions that may be of interest to your business and from here we can create you a dedicated quote based on your needs for your website.


At Design by Thairs we do not charge you per page. All the websites we design will come with UNLIMITED pages as standard allowing your business further scope to grow in the future.

Once you have agreed for our services, your dedicated designer will get hard to work creating you an eye-catching, and functional website, designed for both desktop and mobile platforms, allowing your business to be seen anywhere at any time.

You will be shown a draft of the completed site and we will complete any changes you wish to be made. We want you to be 100% certain that what we have created is right for you and only then will we hit the publish button and put your new website into the world.

Running your site on top of your everyday business task can be daunting. So that's where our website maintenance package can help.

We offer maintenance on all our sites created for a monthly or one-off yearly fee.

The maintenance package covers every aspect of your site from new page creations to amendments.

It also covers a monthly health check where our team will go through the site checking every page for any issues and fixing them. Our team will also create and check any basic SEO and connectivity with search engines such as Google. Our goal is to keep your site running to its full potential while also being seen to your customer base.


All Devices Website Design
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