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You have a new website but now you need the domain name

in order to publish your site to the web.

For all our site creations our team will register you with one domain name befitting your business, chosen by you. We would usually register you with a or .com domain name however if you wish to purchase both your quote will reflect the additional domain. We are also able to register you with any other domain name you require and the team will discuss with you any preferences you have

As part of your domain name registration, for each domain name, we will also supply you with 2 3GB mailboxes. This will give your business contact the professional look form the moment your customers contact you.

If you don't have a website with us but want help getting a domain name and email. Don't worry we can help you too.

The registration process is the same and we can even offer to help manage your domain & emails taking the worry from you.



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